Saas ko Kabu Mein Karne ka Wazifa in 3 Days (100% Working)

Saas ko Kabu Mein Karne ka Wazifa
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Saas ko Kabu Mein Karne ka Wazifa: When a girl gets married, she marries not just one boy, but the whole family, Mother in law, is the most important figure in our in-law’s house. If you can make that one person happy, you can make your life peaceful. It is a matter of fact that many people will disagree with my theory, but believe me, if you make yourself positive and perform Saas ko kabu mein Karne ka wazifa with a dedicated and pure heart, your mother-in-law will treat you better.

Despite all the previous conversations, there are many cases where the mother-in-law appears as a huge torment. She provokes us and makes our life living hell. She misguides your husband and creates problems in your happy married life, and you believe that one day she will destroy you. If you face the same problem, don’t hesitate to recite Saas ko kabu Karne ki dua and make your life peaceful.

We live in a society where the mother-in-law considers it right to be cruel. But we can’t consider all these creatures cruel; some of them are good with their daughter-in-law. If you are against bearing more insult and torture, there is Saas ko kabu mein karene ka tarika we will discuss in this article.Saas ko Kabu Mein Karne ka Wazifa in detail:

Make some wise strategies that can make yourself peaceful. If your mother-in-law is old, help them get things done. Don’t leave them to cross the border of respect; giving respect and getting respect is the clever way of living a pleasant life. But yes! Many in-laws are very difficult to handle. Especially mother in law and sister in law always want to rule over the new married girl. Don’t lose hope because you have the most powerful weapon in your hand, Dua. We should always make सास को काबू में करने का वजीफा for the resolution of any problem.

Dua is highly essential in the lives of Muslims because it is like having a dialogue with Allah Almighty in which we express our wants and beg for His assistance in resolving our issues. Dua is not only a way of expressing our needs to Allah Almighty, but it is also a form of worship. The Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah Almighty be upon him, described the Dua as the essence of worship in one of the Hadiths.

Saas ko Kabu Mein Karne ka Wazifa

Very powerful and simple Saas ko kabu mein Karne ka wazifa

If you want to see things getting in your favor, perform Saas ko kabu mein karene ka wazifa with full firm Belief and pure heart, inshAllah you will witness that your time change in your favor. Don’t leave any obligatory prayer, and always recite “ SURAT BAQRAH” every day. This Surat is very powerful and important for positive change. You will witness that your in-laws will change. May ALLAH SUBHAANA TALA guide them towards SIRAAT E MUSTAQEEM. AMEEN!

Supplicating is a means for blessings in sustenance; supplicating wards of calamities removes worries and resolves difficulties. Supplicating grants cure. Supplication is a strong relationship between Allah and humans. Ask from him for forgiveness and his mercy; he will surely grant you peace of mind.

  • وَتَمَّتْ كَلِمَتُ رَبِّكَ صِدْقًا وَعَدْلًا ۚ لَّا مُبَدِّلَ لِكَلِمَٰتِهِۦ ۚ وَهُوَ ٱلسَّمِيعُ ٱلْعَلِيمُ
  • Wa tammat Kalimatu Rabbika sidqanw wa ‘adlaa; laa mubaddila li Kalimaatih; wa Huwas Samee’ul ‘Aleem
  • Recite this ayat 7 times and blow on Roti (Bread) and make husband or mother in law eat it, do this 7 days.
  • You can perform this wazifa at any time.

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Saas ko kabu Karne ki Dua: 

If your mother-in-law always criticizes you and doesn’t treat you well, you can control her with this powerful Dua. Many women forget that, once she was also a daughter-in-law, or she has a daughter as well, and treat their daughter-in-law poorly making her life miserable and like living hell. They forget that life is temporary, and we all will die one day.

He created death and life to test which of you is best in action. He is the Almighty, the Ever-Forgiving. (Surat al-Mulk: 2)

 If you are also facing the same situation, don’t lose hope, Allah is with you. He will protect you. Seek help from Dua, and wazifa is inshAllah your mother in law will treat you well. With the help of this Dua, she will never create any problem for you. 

  • After obligatory prayer, Recite durood Paak eleven times.
  • Recite the name of ALLAH SUBHAANA TALA” YAA QADIRO” 100 times.
  • Recite durood Paak eleven times again.
  • Imagine your mother-in-law during recitation.
  • Repeat this wazifa every day.

If you have any other questions or want to ask the full method of Salat Hajat, you can contact us; our honorable Mulana Sahab will guide you. Or, if you want to do istikhara for any reason, our Mulana Sahab will perform it for you or teach you the proper method to do istikhara. May ALLAH SUBHAANA TALA bestow mercy upon you.


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