Powerful Dua to Win Court Case in 3 Days

Dua to Win Court Case
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Dua to Win Court Case – Assalamualaikum to all of our readers, today this blog post will be specifically about Dua for winning a court case. To all those people who suffer from the fake claim by others for the crimes, they haven’t committed. And are sued with false assumptions. This article shall help them completely through Hadith and pure legal ways.

Everyone knows how difficult it can get for an individual to fight a court case. As there will be too much stress and tension in the process of it. Some people don’t even get family support in such matters. They intend to trust the false obligation and start putting more pressure on that individual. Which becomes more difficult and more depressive for the victim of the case.

These types of cases can take a really long time to get solved. And who knows the outcome, as no one can predict. Even the innocent may face the punishment cause of the devil’s work.

And the devil’s work can only be solved through the will of Almighty Allah SWT and of course with Hadith. For which you’ll have to recite dua to end court case.

Dua to Win Court Case
Dua to Win Court Case

Dua for Winning a Court Case

Court cases can take years and sometimes decades which will eventually destroy one’s peace. Especially when one is completely innocent and is related to nothing of the consequences that have occurred.

All you need to do is to be patient and you cannot afford to lose it. We know it can get difficult for you to go through this. No one likes to be in a court case. It is difficult for everyone and it’s worse for an innocent who is unaware of everything.

Following is the procedure of Dua to Win Court Case:

  • Stay in wudu state and read salah as a priority.
  • Confess all the sins you’ve committed and asked for forgiveness from the Almighty Allah SWT.
  • Now make regular Dua and pray for your family and friends.
  • Wa Qul Jaa A L Haqqu Wa Zahaqal Batil. Innal Batila  Kaana Zahuqa
  • Finally, you must recite this sacred Dua 33 times daily in all your salah practices.
  • You must end this process with 11 times of Durood-e-Shareef.

Perform this as much as you can until you get justice. Remember you need to grab the Almighty’s attention first by confessing everything you’ve done. Islam stands for justice and this is a very powerful court hearing Dua For court case will absolutely help you.

You may face some obstacles during this process. But you need to keep practicing without any interpretation of anything or anyone. Just make it your priority of daily routine and it will be easy for you to go on further without much effort.

How to Win Court Case

One of the easiest ways how to win court cases is to believe in yourself and the statement you make. If you know you’re guilty and if you’ve actually committed such a crime, then there’s no point in reciting all this. Islam will punish if not in court, you will deserve the punishment and get it in your eternal life.

Apart from the above recitation, we have a similar and simple Dua which you can add to your prayers.

Following is the process of Powerful Wazifa to win court case:

  • Always be in wudu before reading this.
  • You must recite this after every salah you pray.
  • Start with 7 times Durood-e-Shareef.
  • Now you must read Surah-al-Fatiha & surah-Yaseen each time.
  • Even though you can practice it as many times as you like.
  • End this procedure with 7 times Durood-e-Shareef again.

In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah SWT shall respond to your request on a very powerful Dua for winning a court case. But be sure to not lose faith in him and keep praying always. You shall not lose contact once you had.


Q. How can I get my dua approved immediately?

Ans. Make a good Muslim Ummah.

Conclusion –

You shall only perform this if you’re sure of your innocence. If you keep lying about the crimes you’ve committed and try denying the truth for your own self. Then the Almighty Allah SWT will not help you in this case. Not only in this case, but Islam also doesn’t support injustice and lying, or even hurting others. By using its very own sacred muqadma jeetne ki dua Ubqari and wazifas. Hence only perform these if you are completely innocent and you deserve the justice you’re craving for.

Always have faith in the Almighty Allah SWT and keep praying for your family and friends. Share this with everyone you know and help them in every possible way.

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