Dua to Make Husband Listen, Loyal and Love You

dua to make husband listen
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Dua to make husband listen – Husband and wife both are important parts of a family. If they don’t have good communication their whole family suffers. Continuous fights can ruin a marriage and destroy a family. In most cases, wives agree to adjust but their husband refuses. Men want what they want and they don’t listen to anyone.

However, every woman dreams and desires her husband’s love. They want their husbands to care for them and listen to them whenever they need it. As a woman, their world revolves around their house and their husband is a very much important part of it. So all of them want him to listen and work according to it.

If you also want it then talk to your husband and develop good communication with him. He will surely come around and will start listening to you. But if you have tried talking and it is not working then recite this Quranic dua to make husband listen.

It is a powerful, Islamic method taken from the Quran. Powerful Dua to control husband is used for building a good relationship between husband and wife. This dua is magical as it changes the husband’s mind and reunites the couple. Our Allah made it to bless couples.

So please don’t let little things ruin your marriage. Use Wazifa to make husband crazy in love to solve all your issues. Just recite it once and it will completely change your life.

However, this dua to make husband obey you has particular rules and you will have to follow each one of them if you want it to work. Otherwise, it will not work properly. So make sure to follow every rule and do not break or change the order of rules. Have faith in Allah while performing it.

Instructions to perform powerful dua to make husband listen. Follow all the below mentioned steps carefully:-

  1. First of all, make wudu and do this every night.
  2. Then wake up at midnight and then pray a tahajjud prayer for two raqat.
  3. Now recite the Darood-e- Ibraahim 11 times.
  4. Then recite this ya waaliyo 1000 times daily.
  5. And at last recite this Auzubillahi- Minashaitanirrajeem  bismillahbismillahirrahmaanirraheem 99 times.
  6. Insha Allah Almighty will answer your prayer and help you to save your marriage.
Dua to make husband listen

Dua To Make Husband Love You

Every wife dreams of getting her husband’s love. It is the reason why they marry so expecting a healthy, loving marriage life is natural. However, some get it and some don’t get it. Such women who don’t get their husband’s love feel heartbroken. If you are one of them then don’t worry you can anytime change your situation by trying

This Dua to make husband responsible is used for building a good relationship between husband and wife. You can anytime recover your marriage with this dua. Just perform it as it is and your husband will start loving you.

Follow these rules to perform dua to make husband love you.

  • First of all, make an ablution wudu.
  • Pray a chaste salah.
  • Recite 11 times Darood Shareef.
  • Read the below dua to melt husband’s heart and then, again recite Darood Shareef 11 times.
  • Do not perform this when you are on your period.
  • Do not discuss this dua with anyone. 7. Perform with good intentions only and do not force your husband for doing anything wrong. Otherwise, Allah will punish you.

Here is the dua to make husband love you.

Allahumma Sallie Ala Muhammad WA AlaAali

Muhwmmad Kama SallaitaAla Ibrahim WaAla Aali Ibrahima InnakaHamidumMajid. Allahumma BarikAlaMuhammadeenWaAla Ali Muhammad Kama BaraktaAla Ibrahim WaAlaAali Ibrahim Inna aka HamidumMajid.

Dua To Make Husband Loyal

Cheating is something a wife can never tolerate. She can never share her husband with any other woman. For her, it is not possible to compromise with his love. But men are not loyal that much. They often go to other women and cheat on their wives without caring for their emotions. The wife, on the other hand, cries about her situation and some go for divorce.

However, you should do nothing but use this Islamic Dua for husband and wife to get back together.

Through this dua, you can anytime recover love in your marriage and keep the third woman away. Your husband will start loving you and he will never go to someone else.

Instructions to perform dua to make husband loyal are mentioned below.

  • Firstly, before reciting this dua to make husband loyal, you have to offer all the 5 supplications in a day.
  • After this recite these duas to make husband obey you or to make your husband obedient after the completion of all the Namaz.
  • If you are making the Dua after the completion of namaz then at that time, recite this Dua.
  • After reciting the Tasbeeh for Husband Love, you also have to ask the help from Almighty Allah.
  • In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will show his Mercy on you and make your husband obedient to you.

Here is the most powerful and working Islamic dua to make husband loyal.

Rabbanaa Habb Lanaa Minn Azwajeenaa Waa Zurrayya Teenaa Qurrataa Agyuninn Wajj Alnaa Lulmmitta Qinaa imamann.

You can also speak to our Mufti Sahab about any problem or for wazifa for husband to listen to wife and In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will help you.

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