Dua To Make Something Happen Immediately

Make something happen
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Everything is possible if you take the name of Allah. It also can mean that you can ask for something impossible. To make things possible is what Allah does. We all have strong desires to live a better life as well as to have better food for life.

There is a Dua too to make something that works for you and get it quickly. Some got everything but some desires still will be left. We as humans want more even if we get everything. We never stop after asking for the things we need to lead a better life.

All of us will be tested by Allah and therefore we have to pass through those times which would seem very hard for us. If you really want this Dua to work quickly then you can narrate it. This dua to make something happen immediately will surely accomplish all your desires soon. Which you want to happen desperately in your life.

Make something happen
Make something happen
  • One day may recite this Dua at any suitable time and on any ordinary day.
  • Firstly, make a fresh ablution calmly Dua for help from Allah
  • Offer two (2) rakat prayers with the intention of your special need and to get the blessing of Allah.
  • Afterward, sit there on the prayer mat only.
  • Narrate the above-given Dua as much as you can like 51,101,313 times or more. The more you read the more good will be the effects/results.-Hasbiyallahu wani’mal wakeel it is only one-time dua. It’s totally upon you to perform this every day until you want.

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Dua to make something happen immediately is written below: –

Sallallahu alayhe wasallam

Huwal awwalu wal aakhiri wazzaahiru wal baatinu wahiwa ‘alaava kulli shayin qadeer

InshaAllah, Almighty Allah will listen to your Dua to make something immediately and everything that is going bad and all your problems will find their own way to solve themselves on Allah’s wish.

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Dua To Make Things Happen

People face a lot of complications in their lives. In the path of life, either it is job success or love marriage life, or court cases problems. This kind of troubling thing must stay. You are also facing these types of issues related to these things when you are trying to solve those by doing the needful. Not all the time the situation is in your favor. The life partner might start losing interest in you and everything you are losing in your hand. This dua to make things happen will help you to solve all those problems.

The right procedure of instructions to make something happen is given below. Make sure that you’re in a wudu state.

  • Pray salah (namaz) at the right time.
  •  After praying salah, you need to start request for everything you want in life
  •  Now you must start seeking forgiveness for all your sins and crimes you have committed in your life
  • You should start reciting the following dua 100 times.

After successfully narrating the below dua continuously, you must ask for the solution to your problem from Almighty Allah SWT.

Step to perform dua to make things happen: –

Laa ilahaa illaa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minaz zalimeen

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Dua To Make Something You Want Happen

At some point in life, we face difficult times like fighting tribulations, challenges, and many other things. Sometimes critical problems happen in our life. All these things make us so down and this thing hits inside very quickly. If he or she wants to solve all their problems you have come to the right place. This dua to make something you want to happen will work soon and complete all the wishes that you really want in your life.

Note- Instructions for performing dua to make something you want happen Please read them carefully before applying.

  • First of all, make wudu and go to a peaceful place and start Reciting the following verses 500 times.
  • After this the following prayer 500 times. 
  • After that, recite the following dua 500 times
  • And then make the dua. May Allah bless you and give you that thing which you are expecting from Allah.

Here is dua to make something you want happen: –

La ilahaa illla antaa subhanaka innni kintu minaz zalimeen”

Hasbunllahuu wa nemal wakeel, nemal maula wa nemann naseer” 

La Haula wala quwataa illa billa hil aliel azeemm”

Allahumma salli ala 

Laa ilahaa illaa anta subhanaka innll kuntu minaz zalimeen”

InshaAllah, you will get benefits from all the above Dua Ameen ya Rabb.


Q. How can I get my dua to answer fast?

Ans. Recite dua for something to happen fast in the right way.

Important Note

Contact us for more info. We hope this dua will solve your problems and if by any chance you are not able to perform them then communicate with our team. We will perform it on your behalf. For more information regarding this dua, you can contact our team on the given number. You can also directly speak to our Mufti Sahab.

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