Dua to accept marriage proposal

dua to accept marriage proposal
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Marriage is a beautiful relationship that everyone knows. We all want a good and caring partner. Many of us are not lucky when it comes to accepting or to propose about this relationship as we fail to comply with the situation. Either the partners, if don’t take this thing seriously, there can be complications to maintaining or commencing this relationship as a long-term goal. As we all know that marriage is a very serious turn in everyone’s life.

If not met with positivity and understanding, it can create aggression and sadness. This kind of situation is very tough for all of us when our partner doesn’t accept our marriage proposal. In this situation if you are not getting any positive answer from the other end and if someone is not showing any interest in you. In such situations you can recite the dua to accept marriage proposal It will solve your problem and also make his or her heart overwhelming to your side. It will also help you in love and helps you to marry the partner of your own choice.

If you want to marry your favorite person and he or she doesn’t want to marry you or does not accept your marriage acceptance. Then reciting this dua to accept marriage proposal will melt that person’s heart who you want to marry. Inshallah, everything is gonna be alright and he or she will accept you.

dua to accept marriage proposal
dua to accept marriage proposal

Precedently reciting you need to follow all the rules and regulations carefully that are mentioned below: –

  • Recite Ayat no. 36 from surah Yaseen every day performing the namaz of fajr and have firm faith in the acceptance of your duas.
  • Plead and beg in front of the Almighty and pray that your proposal gets accepted.
  • Surely within 21 days, your wedding proposals will get accepted.
  • You can also recite surah Rehman daily once at any time of the day till your proposal hasn’t been accepted.
  • Narrate the Ya Allah -Alhamdulillah for the 1000 times and inshallah your marriage proposal will get accepted soon They will not reject your marriage proposal.

Here is a dua to accept marriage proposal: –

Yaa-Allah, Allhamiduillah

Dua for good rishta proposal

Marriage is the most beautiful relationship that exists in a pair but most people don’t afford marriage proposals because they are poor. In our society when marriages are performed with the system of dowry it has become so common. So in this case poor people take the help of Islamic Dua for marriage proposal. If you are willing to marry Or you want a marriage proposal, then recite this dua. This dua for good rishta proposal will help you to get a marriage proposal soon.

Dua for good rishta proposal instructions are mentioned below: –

  • Make fresh wudu.
  • All the Isha prayer, the boy or girl who wants to get a good marriage proposal should recite ‘All- Ahussamad’1100 times.
  • Blow it on a glass of fresh water and drink it.
  • Read also, the word ‘Ya Amal Rishte ke hussol ke liya MUjarrab hai and narrate  Surah Fatiha 99 times.
  • At last, narrate this dua ‘Allahu Rabbi-la Shareeka Lah’ 72 times.

Here is dua for good rishta proposal. Please read it precisely to get the maximum results: –

Rabbi Inni Lima anzalta llayya min khairin faqeer.

‘Allahu Rabbi-la Shareeka Lah’ 72 times

Accomplish this ritual for 42 days and you will receive good marriage proposals. consummate the Dua with full faith and believe in Allah.

Dua for immediate marriage proposal

In our society, there are many people who want to get married but there is some reason they are not able to do so. Some people do not get married because they don’t have a good job or don’t have a pretty face. Many people get rejected because of these sorts of reasons. If you are facing this kind of difficulty in your life? Don’t worry because here is a dua to help you to get married immediately. This dua for immediate marriage proposal is very powerful. If you recite this dua after Isha namaz then you will get a good suitable groom or bride for you.

The steps of dua for immediate marriage proposal are given below.

You have to commence the following steps to perform this powerful dua: –

  • Wash your hand and feet and sit in a peaceful place.
  • You have to narrate this wazifa after Maghrib Namaz.
  • 341 times after every obligatory prayer of the day. Also, recite Allah hu Samad 500 times daily for 21 days.
  • And practice this ayat Inna Fatahna laka fathnan mubeena 41 times after the namaz of fajr within 11 21 days you will get an answer.
  • One precaution that should be undertaken is that the women performing this wazifa should not recite this during their menstruation time.

Here is the dua for immediate marriage proposal.

Read it and be benevolent, follow all the rules and regulations carefully to get the best result as soon as possible.

Ya lateefu Ya haleemo

InshaAllah, Allah Talah will do what’s best for you. Just put the trust in Allah rabbul Alimeen and Dua for marriage proposal acceptance and surely situations will turn in your favor and you will get desired results.


Q. What is the DUA for getting married?

Ans. Ya lateefu Ya haleemo.


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