Acha Rishta Aane ki Dua

Accha Rishta Aane ki Dua
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Marriage is a beautiful thing for everyone. This feeling of marriage makes us so happy. We all have a desire to have a good life partner. The feeling of your own husband or wife makes us so good. Well disregarding the type of marriage it is a unique and cherishable moment. Some people are not lucky; this esteemed mein moment does not come easily in your life. Many times marriage takes a lot of time to complete. On every path, we have challenges and obstacles in the time of marriage that make it even more robust.

If you are not getting good marriage proposals then it could be a very tough situation for you. In our society, people make fun of you if you are not getting marriage proposals at the right age. They do back bitching and always ask that you are getting married. So you can try acha rishta aane ki dua to get a superior arranged marriage proposal. This acha rishta aane ki dua is very powerful as it was written in the Quran with the motive to help young people to get married.

Accha Rishta Aane ki Dua
Accha Rishta Aane ki Dua

Instructions for Acha rishta aane ki dua are mentioned below: –

  • Make fresh wudu
  • All the Isha prayer, the boy or girl who wants to get a good marriage proposal should recite ‘All- Ahussamad’1100 times
  • Blow it on a glass of fresh water and drink it
  • Read also, the word ‘Ya Amal Rishte ke hussol ke liya MUjarrab hai and narrate Surah Fatiha 99 times
  • At last, narrate this dua ‘Allahu Rabbi-la Shareeka Lah’ 72 times.

Here is, acha rishta aane ki dua. Please read it precisely to get the maximum results. 

Rabbi Inni Lima anzalta llayya min khairin faqeer.

‘Allahu Rabbi-la Shareeka Lah’ 72 times

Perform this ritual for 42 days and you will receive good marriage proposals. Perform the Dua with full faith and believe in Allah. 

Acha Rishta Hone ka Wazifa

At some point, it becomes challenging to marry the person who is a son Or daughter of the royal family. You can get hurt if your special person broke your heart and rejected your marriage proposal. Every family searches for a guy or a girl and finds someone who makes their son or daughter happy for a lifetime.

Here are instructions acha rishta hone ka wazifa: –

You have to commence the following steps to perform this powerful Wazifa: –

  • Wash your hand and feet and sit in a peaceful place.
  • You have to narrate this wazifa after Maghrib Namaz
  • Recite Ya Aliyyu 2970 times by keeping in mind what kind of marriage proposal you want. If you are doing this for someone you love then maintain their vision in your mind and narrate this wazifa for a marriage proposal.
  • One precaution that should be undertaken is that the women performing this wazifa should not recite this during their menstruation time.

InshaAllah This strong wazifa will attract that person soon and he or she will accept you soon. Many people benefit from this wazifa.

Acha Rishta Milne Ki Dua

Every family gives their son and daughter everything that they need in their life so that they can enjoy a comfortable life. dua for a good marriage proposal which will help you. Are you in love with someone and want to get married to him and he doesn’t like you and rejects you and your marriage also? So don’t worry. This acha rishta milne ki dua devise brings your desired marriage proposal soon. It will help you to control your lover whom you are willing to marry. He will start loving you and he will accept your marriage proposal. You just have to follow the steps precisely and then wait for it to work.

The right procedure of instructions to make something happen is given below; Make sure that you’re in a wudu state.

  • The procedure should be performed after offering the maghrib namaz. It is suggested that you should take a bath and make the adulation again.
  • Now, put the rug in a peaceful place where nobody can bother you.
  • When you are done with the above procedure but on the prayer rug. Now recite, YaAliyyu for 2970.
  • Do this for the 40 days continuously and insha’Allah you will get the desired results.

Step to perform acha rishta milne ki dua: –


You can also narrate the Ya Allah -Alhamdulillah 1000 times and inshallah your marriage proposal will get accepted soon They will not reject your marriage proposal.


Contact us for more info about result acha aane ki dua in English. We hope this dua will solve your problems and if by any chance you are not able to perform them then communicate with our team. We will perform it on your behalf. For more information regarding this dua, you can call our team on the given number.

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